Nutting out Men’s Health

Men’s Health – is this a real thing?   

Given the evidence of shorter lifespans, stress-related suicide rates, risk taking behaviours and a tendency to resist health-improving nutrition, hygiene, activity and rest – is men’s health a realistic goal? Or is it an oxymoron? Two mutually exclusive entities that cannot co-exist.

Yet there are many healthy men who appear to actively manage their lives in ways that reduce short and long term risk but don’t compromise their masculinity, family roles, career achievements and life satisfaction. You may know some of these men. You may be one of these men.

My studies in men’s health certainly confirm there are physiological and social factors that can undermine a healthy life for men. However these factors can be unravelled and reprogrammed to improve the quality and quantity of life, provided men are aware of them and how they impact on their current and future healthy selves.